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2016年建筑材料采購合同范本[1] 第 1 页
there?Afterignition,combustionshouldfocus its attentiononwhat?Reducing boilerhot loss measures?DC-whatare the maincharacteristics of theboiler?BoilersteamafterBaoBiwenhow?whenshutdown tocontrol steamdrumwal temperature
diference?Fromarunstandpoint,whatarethe mainmeasures toreduce coalconsumptionforpowersupply? Talkabouthowtocontrol the waterlevel?Generatorafterspliting,6KVwhy topromptly exitthestandbypowerswitch?Whythecurrent
transformer secondary side in the operation are not al owed to open? Why synchronous generator excitation circuit of the degaussing switch can be changed into a lively breaker? Generator step-up process, why the rotor and stator currents to monitor?
Whyarerotoronepointgroundproneto2ndafterground? Try380Vdiscussedfolowingthegroundingofauxiliarypowersystem,wiringforthree-phasefive-limbterminalofPTsecondaryvoltagechange?Generatorincompletephaseoperationprinciple
is what? Yn,d11 (Y0/-11) connection of generator-transformer systems, generator open-phase running any help? Why to instal 100% stator grounding protection for large generator? Why does not alow running secondary short circuit? Generator
excitation, excited, what is the of the overexcitation limit? Generator loss of excitation in the running, what is the impact on the system and the generator itself? Anti-cuozhong on the prevention of excitation system of generator caused by fault what
damage? try discussing what are the measures of improving power system dynamic stability? What is a switching operation of the electrical equipment? main content switching operation of power plants and power systems are there? Try discussing
malignantelectricmisoperation,whichmisusepersonal,mostoftheequipment? Switchservicepowerfastcutingdeviceinseveralways?inthealternatetotheState,thestandbypowerswitchrefusedtodealwith?Trydiscussingswitchingoperations
should focus on preventing misoperation accident? New operation or after majorrepair of transformers why test? Try discussing steps measured with a Megger insulationresistance of electrical equipment? Lu method is used to find DC grounding
considerationarewhat? when there are two point grounding with the polarity should be . .
1.600MW supercritical supplementary questions, blank mini disk can be divided into manual and two oil turbine; oil turbine disc wheel car, the turning speed of the rotor can be control ed at around 80~120 RPM (high speed), and it is fulfil ed by control ing
accesstotheoil-pressureturbineoilturningon/of andspeedlevel. Medium-speedCoalmil explosion-proofsteamfromawindroom,_,_separatorcasingintothegroundtopreventthemil explosionintheprocessofstartingandstopping.Mil loadisto
accept current signal to the coal control proportional pressure relief valve size, change of hydraulic accumulators and hydraulic cylinders, to achieve load changes. Sealed Air for coal pulverizer drive, Rod bearings, rol er. Cold wind of a user with a sealed air
blower air, sealed air, ground coal to a cold wind. Turbine sealing oil primary oil source is air-side seal oil pump, the first alternate oil sources (mainly alternative oil source) is the main oil pump of turbine. When the primary oil source failure, the first spare
source automatic put into operation. Second alternate oil sources primary alternate supply AC electric sealing oil pump on the fuel tank, when the turbine speed is less than 2/3 rated speed or first alternate source failure occurs, the second spare source
automatic switch. Third alternative oil source is provided by DC sealing oil pump. Main fuel tank exhaust throttle should be located 2 steel closing door operation handwheel locking is not al owed and obvious warning signs should be hung. Steam engine
roomcaughtfire,whenitthreatenedtotankorfuelsystem,shal immediatelydestroythevacuumemergencystop,andturnonthetankaccidentputthethrottle,speedandcontrolonoilshouldbeappropriate,toensurethattherotorslubricantsarenot
interrupted before static. Shaft seal overflow overflow to #8 the low pressure under normal conditions, when #8 the low pressure overflow when the outage to the condenser. Sliding pressure operation of deaerator may avoid deaerator steam source for
throttling losses. Normal operation of steam turbine steam distribution mode for steam distribution nozzle. After the turbines stopped, if the rotor cannot rotate for a short time, rotor _ __ under bending, highest in __ ___ highs at this point rotor should be
reset, close the hydrophobic __ __ cylinder, keeping __ up and down temperature dif erence between cylinder _ monitor rotor __ __ deflection, when after you verify that the rotor is, and then manual y turning 180 o. When turning the motor over current
or rotor disc doesn't move, do not forcibly barring ___ __, but can not turn __ forced _ or turning the crane broke. Stop turning _8__ hours later, to stop the lube oil system. Condensate pumps due to transportation of saturated water, the pump is most
prone to cavitation __ ___, therefore is composed of __ inducer __, and at the time of instal ation ensure the pump inlet has some highly ____ __ intrusion, and design _ export recycled __ tubes, also in order to solve this problem. When the condenser
when the water level is too low _ set ing up __ pumps are turned on, into the air to prevent the pump design __ ___ seal water, prevent the pump output is not normal. . . Threaded tube within a water wal , deterioration of heat transfer does not occur. X
turbinecoldstarts,heattransferofsteamtothecylinderwal isbasedoncondensationheattransferandconvectiveheattransferintwowaysatthesametime.(X)thefurnacehigherexcessaircoeficient,smalerchemicalheatlossduetoincomplete
combustion. (√) Boiler of soda expansion is inevitable. √ Start-up incorporations, boiler-DC operation, adjustment of main steam temperature control in a coal-water ratio between points. √ A single swirl burner burning adjacent burners are not required to
support.Swirlburnerswithdiferentrotationdirectionwil afecttheboilersteamtemperatureandloadparameters.Xboilersteamflowisdividedwithdoublebuilt-instartupseparatordesignedforcommunityprocess.√Duringcombustionofpulverized
coal in boiler, oxygen content, the lower the NOx is produced more. √ When the gas-water ratio imbalances, once-through boiler steam temperature at each point in the trip wil change, and closer to the pop tour entrance, inertia and hysteresis
temperaturechangeis smaler.√Indisguiseneartheheattransfercoeficientofsteamincreasestoamaximumat firstandthenquickly lower.√Control ofstart-upseparator outlet steamtemperature,that controlsthe boilerheating andevaporation,
thermal heat distribution. (X) as the direct current requirements for operation of the boiler feedwater quality was much higher than that of drum boiler, in once-through boiler start-up process, therefore there is no need for furnace washing of Silicon. (×)
UP the boiler is subcritical and supercritical parameters can be used in the furnace, working one or two times, connecting multiple hybrid, has a higher mass flow, suitable for large supercritical pressure once-through boiler. (X) this-is the biggest
characteristic of evaporating heating surface of boiler tubes were repeatedly increased the vertical tube screen, using mixed header and not in the middle of heated drop tube in series to each other. Due to the temperature dif erence between dif erent
Panelnexttothepipe,thermalstress,membranewaterwal ofseamdamage.Check(√)thespiralwaterwal inadditiontoimportandexportislocatedoutsidethebox,nomixingheaderinbetween,duetoitsarrangementoffurnacesizedoesnotafect,
evenheatheatlowerrorswil notresultintheunevendistributionofsteam-watermixture.(X)supercriticalandsubcriticalcase,whenthewaterisheatedtotheappropriatephasetransitiontemperatureunderpressure,al vaporizeintosteam.(X)direct
current boiler, water into steam steam-water two-phase region does not exist. The experienced heating and hot water into superheated steam in two stages. (√) Phase transition under supercritical pressure, when al water vaporized into steam
temperature, also known as the critical temperature. Dif erent pressure phase transition temperature. (X) in the area near the phase transition point, the specific volume of refrigerant to rise sharply, and the greatest specific heat at constant pressure. (√)
Under supercritical pressures, the specific heat of water increases with temperature, the specific heat of steam decreases with increasing temperature. (√) Under in subcritical once-through boiler evaporating heating surface of multiple values that appear
unsteady flow, the main reason is a low enthalpy of evaporating heating surface inlet water. So in thelow-load operation must restrict entry low enthalpy of water. (X) the flowofrefrigeraevaporating heating surface of ambiguity
existonlyinspiralwal verticatubecoilsdnotexist. √ Evaporation . .
education and training. (3) technology can guide operators work on the business, ready to solve engineering problems. (4) the text clearly technical problems with the cards on the table and retain the original information to the persons concerned, good
technicalapprovalandvisainatimelymanner.4,dataadministratorresponsibilities(1)isresponsibleforal theprojectfiles,datacolection,production,binding,colating,storage(hand)andsoon.(2)assistconstructionproject"fuck"andothertechnical
andengineeringquality,safety,andeducation.(3)tohelpthestaf disclosureofproductiontechnology,securitytechnology,andcolectingkeepwritteninformationinatimelymanner.(4)withthepersonnelconcernedtocarryoutthemeasurementof
qualityandsafetychecks,andtechnicalinformation.(5)accordingtothedata,totheconservationsectionchiefswil reportonthesituation.Fourjobagencies,conservationmanagementtoachievegoodconservation,achieveastandard,wemustestablish
asoundmanagement system,toensuresmoothprogress.Under the unifiedleadershipandmanagement at diferent levels,toensure that the concentrationofdecision-making powerand unity ofcommand, andachainofauthority,management at
dif erent levels; Division of labor and cooperation, so that the working groups towards the direction of professional development to ensure corporate goals and conservationComponent objectives of coordination, col aboration on the various functions of
thebody inaction, coordinationbetweenthe functional departments andmanagers,the entire managementorganizationstoensure that capable,eficient,multi-functional.Underthe Chongqing Municipal landscaping management standards andthe
technical specifications of urban landscaping projects adopt the folowing approach working mechanism. Wil this unit dedicated to the conservation section is divided into four groups: the trees and shrubs to the conservation group (responsible for
measures such as the shading); ful-time mechanical maintenance group(responsible for watering,cooling,spray during the day), lawn maintenance groups andplant groups. Sectionwithgarden plant professional engineer1,each equippedwiththe
professionaltechnician1,2technicians,carryouttheirduties. BytheResidentEngineeroftheconservationsectionchiefsandmarketinggraspworkandcoordination.Afterfive,lawnmaintenanceandmanagementofplantconstruction,oftenwitha1-2
lawnmaintenancecangrowintothefulnessoftheweek.Afterthe lawngrow,butalsotocarryoutregularmaintenanceandmanagement,toensurethelawnlandscapecontinuesforalongtime.Lawnmaintenance managementincluding:irrigation,
fertilization, pruning, weeding and other links. 1, irrigate irrigation lawn fertility environments can be improved, adding water plant the lawn, is a guarantee of normal lawn. In view of the lawn during the growth season, lawn and the environment is in a
2016 年建筑材料采購合同范本[1]
order to guarantee security of the project, the project Department has adopted a number of measures. Projects under construction on construction safety, technical disclosure in a timely manner. Currently has for subject enclosure structure structure
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